FlashCX.ai with Webex by Cisco

Easy to Setup! Follow along

Step 1: Add FlashCX.ai bot to Webex Space

Start using FlashCX.ai bot by either directly having a conversation with it or by going to the desired Webex space, then click on the “People” tab and add flashcx@webex.bot. This will allow you to interact with your CRM by simply mentioning the bot name @flashcx in your Webex space

Step 2: Type your first message!

Simply type @flashcx.ai help and it will prompt you to instructions to setup with your CRM. 

Please note these steps will take you to https://admin.flashcx.ai and ask you to create an account and connect to your CRM.

FlashCX.ai help
flashcx.ai with webex

Step 3: Connect with Webex

Typing again @flashcx.ai help this time will ask you to authorize FlashCX.ai to read your messages and fetch your CRM data to Webex spaces. Click on “Give Access”

Step 4: You are ready to rock!

After giving access on step 3, typing @flashcx.ai help should give your proper help card with its capabilities. And you are all set!

flashcx.ai help

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FlashCX.ai with Webex by Cisco

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