How to create a webhook channel for Oracle Digital Assistant Skill

Once you have a chat bot up and running the next step is to be able to use it over channels like mobile app or facebook or slack. The famous technique behind this is called webhook. You can set up a webhook that can help you communicate with the oracle bots over any webhook supported channels. This post talks about how to setup one on the chat bot side. The next posts will talk about how to set a client side to finish end to end setup. So, follow along:

  1. Open your chat bot and go to channels

2. Click to add new channel and fill in the details as shown in screenshot

Few things to notice are: platform version is selected as 1.0 for simplicity for now. And the outgoing webhook URI would be


3. Hit create and it will look like below

4. Now you should copy the channel id from the webhook URL and replace the word channel_id in outgoing webhook URI with it. So, the new URL will look like below

5. Now, this is setup and we now need to create a proxy webhook server. Oracle chat bot platform comes with a sample server for that as well. To go that navigate to

http://<your server>:8888/apps/chat/admin/

and click on channels from the left. Just hit new channel button and you will see something like below

6. Put any name, description. And copy secret key and webhook URI from the bot channel that you created in step 4. It will look like below

Hit save and you are done.

Next post will discuss on how to have a simple app to connect to this webhook and exchnage messages.