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Introducing Oracle Digital Assistant Realtime Analytics Dashboard

oracle digital assistant analytics dashboard

Oracle Digital Assistant is a very powerful platform with a very fast industry adoption. We at LLC have been using it for our customers to improve their productivity and enhance their business processes. Effective use of digital assistants cuts the requirement of human agents drastically and saves over 80% of operational cost. Some of our customers have been using the ODA for supporting conferences and live events where attendees may have numerous questions. In busy hours, limited support staff becomes a big bottleneck. Digital assistants to the rescue!

We offer custom chatbots and digital assistants that can run on any platform like desktop, iOS or android and can integrate in the existing mobile application. Though ODA is very powerful and a very capable platform, one of the missing pieces has always been the ability to monitor the activity in real time. This is especially very critical during conferences and event where there is a super short window to take action on any unexpected behavior etc.

To understand the ROI, event hosts always wants to see a live stream to gauge the usefulness of bots plus it’s fun for the attendees as well to see how everyone is engaged with this cool technology. Understanding the need of our customers we developed a Real time analytics dashboard that can be enabled on any chat bot using ODA. It provides below key capabilities:

  • Event Summary: which is total users, sessions, messages and devices used during the entire event tracked.
  • Message Stream: Live stream of messages sent by users
  • Top Phrases & Top Intents: Most asked/resolved sentences by users
  • User Engagement: A hourly distribution of user activity in last 12 hours
  • Sentiment Analysis: A live stream of sentiment analysis for what users are saying and overall sentiment for the event.
  • Social: A twitter stream for a handle or hashtag relevant to the conference.
  • Unresolved: A list of phrases that bot failed to understand.

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