Are you using tired of switching between Webex & your CRM system? Do you want to access your CRM faster? Do you want to work smarter?

FlashCX.ai with Webex by Cisco

CRM on Your Fingertips

Access your CRM data on Webex by Cisco. Add FlashCX.ai to your communication platform:

Webex by Cisco

Connect with

Oracle Sales
Freshworks Suite

Access your CRM data easily!

We know how much sales data is important to you so we found a solution to make your access much easier

Keep an eye on your leads!

Any update on leads should not be missed because those may become account soon! Keep an eye on your sales qualified  and mareketting qualified leads right from FlashCX.ai

Email your contacts!

We know it’s too much work to to do tab switching when you are super busy! You can email your sales contacts right from FlashCX.ai

Don't miss any News!

Never miss an important news on your key accounts. Access relevant news right where you are. Engage in productive conversation with your prospects with latest news bite.

Do data enrichment!

You deserve to save yourself time in busy days. Do data enrichment right from FlashCX.ai

Manage your activities!

At the beginning of the day have a glance of you day, important to-dos. 

At any point of the time: can look at overdue tasks, and finish pending call reports

Log call reports for past events!

Never forget any important information after meeting. Update relevant information and upcoming events anytime, anywhere. Use the latest information to have fruitful future conversations with your potential customers.

Don't miss any opportunity!

It’s not smart to miss any opportunity on your CRM! Manage your deals/opportunities right from FlashCX.ai

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FlashCX.ai with Webex by Cisco

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